The Ideal Solution for Administrative Assistants.

The application AdminAtete is primarily intended for office managers and secretaries. Its goal is to optimize their work time and reinvent their way of working and organizing through 4 different modules that can be marketed separately.

Learn Courses about your profession

With AdminAtete, you will learn everything about the assistant profession, and you will receive guidelines and tips to better organize your work.

An application for your career

The AdminAtete application streamlines all your work, saves you time, and significantly improves your productivity. With the offered modules: Organization, Billing, Logistics and Communication, you can efficiently manage all tasks related to your assistant's work..

Simple for business assistants

You have 24/7 technical support, making it easy for you to get started quickly.
Get started with the module Organization for only €45 per month

A centralized and efficient application

You can do your work from anywhere.

Create, manage, and view your schedules, documents, letters, shopping lists, stocks, ... without any risk of loss or insufficiency of your information.

AdminAtete Features


Manage your schedules, letters, staff and hours, contacts, notes, and organized filing of your administrative documents.


Manage expense notes, the billing system, invoices (purchases and sales), bank statements, and cash operations.


With complete control of your office supplies and stocks, you also manage your shopping lists.


With this module, generate ready-to-send letter templates, stamps, business cards, and more.

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